Sunday, May 7, 2017

Happy May!!

  Things continue to go well -- I am still on my treatment break and feeling pretty good.   The hardest thing right continues to be "relentless fatigue" along with some nausea, but I'm sure some of this may be due to also have "Fibromyalgia".    

  Now that winter is over - I'm finally getting out more and also have been able to take my Pups (Skye and Zeva) for walks---something I was not able to do for months and months.  I was very lucky to find a wonderful dog-walker, who we hired to take them and who also helped out when I was off for treatments and such.  They are two dogs are used to having someone home with them all day, so I never had liked leaving them alone for more than a few hours.   Luckily, they are both small dogs (Chiweenies), and do not need a lot of walking and are very content to play in their fenced area of the yard.  But, they do enjoy it when we walk and I love the exercise and fresh air.     They are my constant little companions and when I have a sick day and feel miserable, they are always by my side. Love them -- they are part of the "Family".



   I was at Oncology earlier this week for a routine appointment (Port flush) and it's always nice when I'm only there for something simple.   I will go back again at the end of May for another flush and then will have my next CT Scans at the end of June.   I still deeply miss my Oncologist "Dr. Sunkara" and am sticking with the Oncologist who took over my case after she left, but still hoping that they will hire another "younger female" Oncolgist to join the team.  The doctor I have now is okay, but he's much older and has a totally different style and personality.  I just don't "jive" with him nearly like I did with her.  We had a wonderful bond and I really miss her and also feel she saved my life, because of her research and being so up to date on the Immunotherapy treatments.  I was the very first patient at my local hospital to go on "Immunotherapy" (Opdivo/Nivolumab) shortly after it received FDA approval and I know it saved my life.  I had been on Chemo previous to Opdivo and then have major progression and a very aggressive tumor and even though I was very "scared" and reluctant to try this treatment, she told me she felt it was my best option and felt confident that it would help -- she was right.   I am very lucky that she is still following my case and we keep in touch via email.   I am blessed to have her on my "team" and she's been so wonderful in helping to support and guide me. 

   If it had not been for her, I seriously doubt I would have survived this long and that would have meant I never would have met my beloved little Grand Baby!   And I just love this baby so much!! My favorite days are days when I spend time with Harper.   I hope and plan to help out by caring for her when Acacia returns to work later this month.   Acacia's Mom and I will be taking turns and doing whatever we can for the kids.    She is a lot of fun, but also a lot of work and I find I'm often easily exhausted after spending a few hours there -- but she is worth it.   Here is a picture from last weekend -- She is enjoying her new "Activity Center" and growing fast.  Hard to believe that she's going to be three months old on the 21st.   Grand Babies are precious and a pure JOY!!

  Other than that, not much else new here!  I am looking forward to the warmth and sunshine that Spring and a Summer brings -- my favorite season.  Spring so far has not been that great and that seems to be typical for the past few years.  Lots of rain lately and cool days, which is not wonderful, but when the sun is out, it's wonderful and today was one of those days.

   I still HOPE every day for a "Cure" for Stage IV Non Small Cell Lung Cancer and for any and all Cancers and terminal illnesses.    I've also learned that you need to enjoy every minute of life and good health -- something we all seem to forget to do and then when you suddenly find yourself or your friends or family ill, it hits home.  Good Health is truly a gift and you need to be thankful for every day that you wake up and feel good.   I wish so much I had cherished all those good days so much more - we truly never know what tomorrow may bring!!

 Hugs to all,

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