Thursday, March 30, 2017

News!!! Oh happy DAY!!

   I have been so behind in keeping up with this blog -- mostly because I have not been in treatment for so long and because there has not been a lot to report as far as the Cancer Battle goes.   For the last six months, I have been very lucky to have stayed stable - especially since they had to stop the "Opdivo" due to continued side effects with it causing me to develop low-grade pneumonitis.

   On Tuesday I was back at the hospital for my most recent round of labs and CT Scans and I admit I have been really nervous because I have had so much fatigue for the past several weeks.   Today, I went for back for the results and I am delighted to report that I am now NED (No Evidence of Disease) which means that currently there is no sign on cancer in my body --- WOOHOO!  The Opdivo clearly worked exactly as it was designed (at least for me) and even though they stopped it in late August, it apparently had been in my system long enough to teach my body how to continue to fight of the cancer.    I am elated!!   But in the world of  Cancer, you are not considered "Cancer Free" until you are NED for five years and ultimately that's something that would be very rare for anyone with Stage IV Cancer -- nonetheless, this is so happy news and is very promising.  It gives me more time and time is what we all need --- we will continue to hope that the "time" will be what we need to find a cure for me.

     I had to admit, I was pretty shocked, since I have been so fatigued lately and that always worries me, but my Potassium is low and we are double checking my thyoid, as it's likely they may both be the culprit -- plus, I do have Fibromyalgia and we that in itself can cause pretty severe fatigue.

    Now, I don't go back until late June, (except for monthly port flushes) and in June we'll be doing a chest xray and if that still looks good, I won't even need a CT Scan!  Woohoo!!

    I now plan to enjoy every day and to really push myself to get out more, spend more time with the kids and especially with Baby Harper -- it's wonderful to know that I'm doing well in the battle.  But, I admit, I know many who aren't and I'm so grateful to be one of the lucky ones.   I'm still going to support everyone who is battling Cancer and hope that we all can do well and beat this nasty illness!!

   One Day at a Time!!   Thanks so much for all and kindness and support you have provided to me these past two years.  It's hard to believe that two years ago Monday (3/27/15) that I was diagnosed
and now two years later, I have reached NED!  



Darcy Schroeder said...

That is such wonderful news, Lisa!! And enjoy your Baby Harper!!

Vickie Lee said...

Oh, Lisa! I have happy tears in my eyes!! God is great! This is such wonderful news. Happy dance time! Enjoy each day and look ahead to brighter days. Standing with you in prayer. Hugs, hugs, and more hugs . . .

ThePurplePlace said...

Thanks Darcy and Vickie....I'm very happy and excited to cherish extra time with Harper